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High level software for corporates and large institutions.

Business Systems ENTERPRISE

BCOM has been instrumental in the development and deployment of many advanced, industrial level software, web and mobile applications. We are able to offer a full service from specification to deployment with our customary personal attention.

Financial and logistical software

We have cut our teeth on providing bleeding edge software tools to European and African countries that manage the tracking and tracing of perishables. Further our software has been used by the international maritime industry to broker deals between incoming ships and local port refuelers and sundry suppliers.

Web Development and Design

Your company is required to have an online presence that accurately portrays and reflects its real-world stature. Our top-flight design team and coders will create an inspired solution that will engender your company's vision and mission and will also provide any high level functionality that you may require

Mobile App Development

We create apps with a smooth UI and UX experience to help you tap directly into your clientele. With as much effort going into function as we put into form we tailor tools that are not only smart but fun to use also which is key for user retention. Whatever your message or method, it will be effectively communicated and superbly executed when you choose to work with us.

green technology

Committed to sustainability and awareness for a brighter future.

The digital agency to rock your online world.